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CODE : FH-306C
  • Anion Ozone Far Infrared Ceramic Hair Dryer

FH-306C Onion Ozone Far Infrared Ceramic Hair Dryer

 *Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz
 *Power: Hot air (HIGH) 900W warm air (LOW) 450W
                Cold (COOL) 300W
*Wind Speed: 9.5m / s
*Warm air temperature: 90 ° C
*the power cable: 1.8m
*Safety devices: temperature switch / thermal fuse
*Size: 180Lx110Wx200H
*Weight: 490g

Product Features:

1. Ultra-low electromagnetic waves (EMF) is less than 2 cents Fox (mG), greatly reducing the harm of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.
2. Good moisturizing effect. Help to activate of hair follicle cells. Promote hair growth, hair beautiful and healthy.
3. The nano honeycomb ceramic heating element to replace the traditional heating with more rapid heat generation, energy saving and environmental protection. Saving power of about 33%.
4. Nano far infrared coating technology can promote scalp's microvascular expansion, promote good blood circulation and metabolism.

1. Low electromagnetic wave, Low radiation
=>Lower than 2.0 mG
(Traditional hairdryer may achieve to 89 mG)
Such as : The total radiation that using traditional hair dryer 10 mins
= Continue speaking mobile 2.7 hours
= Put head closer in front of micro- wave 10.5 mins

-High radiation may:

 ( 1). May cause memory decreasingly
 (2 ). May obstruct brian development
2. Ceramic heater=> Heat conduction faster
=>Saving electronic power 30%
3. Far infrared ray=>
=> Promote and accelerate the circulation of scalp micro-vessel
=> Stimulate hair follicle
=> May prevent gray hair
4. Negative Ion=>Can be called Air Vitamin
=> Promote hair moisture
=> Prevent static electricity from hair


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