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Includes Step Counter, Distance Counter, Calorie Counter, Activity time & Clock
H-3OO Series pedometers » H-3OO Series pedometers
CODE : H-316
  • H-316 Pendulum Pedometer (Five function)

H-316 Five function pedometer

H-316 Five function pedometer

1. High accuracy: No matter it’s tracking steps or distance travelled, the accuracy reaches 98% while walking and  99% while running. 
2. Low power consumption: The battery life can last  for more than one year. 
3. Elegant design: It can be conveniently clipped it to the belt, making it easy to read. 
4. Five functions: step counter, distance counter, calorie counter, Activity time and Clock.
5.  Step Counter: counts steps taken up to  99999.
     Distance Counter: counts distance covered up to 999.99km. 
     Calorie Counter: counts calorie burned up to 99999kcal. 
    Activity time: Activates only when you move. 
     Clock: 12/24-hour format. With P indicates  PM in 12 hour format clock. 
6. The device remains in standby mode until 5 continuous steps are registered,  so  the counting will be more accurate.
7.LCD will automatically shut down when no input is sensed within four minutes to save battery life.
8. With the function of converting metric and imperial units. 
Size: 5.5x 3.5 x 2.0 cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 22gram (including battery)
Power Supply: 1pc 1.5 V DC L-1131 battery
Battery life: 1 year
Material: ABS
Safety/Quality Approvals:
CE/ISO 9001/ISO 14001
Origin: TAIWAN
Each in giftbox, 100pcs/Ctn
G.W.: 6.0kgs, M.M.: 1.50cft.  
**H-316 come in black or white color. 
**Customer colors are available with a minumum order of 3000 units. 
**(Spring clip / One-piece clip) are selectable by manufacturing option

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