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ULTIMA 608 MVPA G-sensor Pedometer
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  • ULTIMA 608 MVPA G-sensor Pedometer

With its built-in MVPA timer, the ULTIMA monitors your walking and calculates the time you spend doing moderate to vigorous activity. It even measures bouts of uninterrupted aerobic activity with its MVPA time filter. Know exacttly how much of your walking is spent in that key aerobic zone with ULTIMA’s unique MVPA feature!
Model: UT-608
MVPA G Sensor Pedometer

The UT-608 is the pedometer of choice for walkers/joggers who want more individulaized and detailed feedback on their daily exercise. Its MVPA system is fully customizable and its 7-day memory lets you review a week's worth of data including total steps, calories consumed, distance travelled, time spent active and time spent in your MVPA zone. And its advanced G-sensor technology lets you wear the UT-608 around your neck, in a pocket or in a bag while still providing outstanding accuracy.


two-row display
advanced G-sensor technology
customizable MVPA system
activity timer
7-day memory with automatic reset at midnight memory, mode and reset keys


12/24-hour clock
number of steps taken
distance travelled
calories consumed
average speed (both steps/minute and km/h)
activity timer
time spent in MVPA zone based on MVPA filters you can customize
7 days worth of data displayed individually and cumulatively

(L)78*(W)33*(T)13 mm

Each in giftbox, 100pcs/Ctn
G.W.:10.5kgs, M.M.:1.75cft. Features:

Comes in white or black.
Custom colours available in quantities of 3000 units or more.
Comes with lanyard.

Safety/Quality Approvals:

CE/ISO 9001/ISO 14001

Ultima's Advanced MEMS G-Sensor Technology
ULTIMA's Advanced G-Sensor technology not only counts steps, it does so precisely and reliably using the best technology available. And with ULTIMA, you have the freedom to wear the world's most advanced pedometer anywhere you like.


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