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Be fit and stay fit with Activity Tracker!
Set, track and reach your fitness goal with the Activity Tracker!


Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is equipped with an advanced 3-dimensional G-Sensor that lets you wear it anywhere you like: in a pocket, a bag, on a lanyard around your neck, or even clipped to an undergarment if you wish it to be hidden from view. No matter what position your P1NG is in, it will still accurately count your steps and record your data. The tracker’s advanced G-Sensor software compares the three-dimensional data it collects to walking, jogging and running models to ensure that each step it counts is a true rhythmic step and not an invalid movement or vibration. Just wear it and walk, jog or run—it’s that simple!



Track Activities

To track steps and distance travelled with state-of-the-art G-sensor technology.

Altitude monitor counts vertical distacne climbed.

Activity tracker calculates calories burned based on your personal activities.

 The MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) feature reports on intensity of activity so you know the quality of the activity you have performed during the day.

 The customizable inactivity alarm reminds you that it’s time to move!


See your progress

Enterprise-class software lets you access at-a-glance insights and progress reports.

The  app displays fitness reports that present your daily, weekly or monthly progress.

User-friendly app lets you set your own personalized targets and customized goals.

View customized analysis based on your personal statistics.

The tracker device syncs automatically via Bluetooth to your smart phone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled

computer to give you real-time access to your progress.

Available for iOS, Android, MacOS  and Windows. 


Workout with friends

The tracker device and app helps you engage in friendly competitions with others to help

everyone stay motivated.

Invite friends to join in your activities via a simple interface.

Engage in friendly competitions to stay motivated.

Schedule activities and integrate them seamlessly in your calendars.

Receive personalized reporting on your progress.



Hardware Description

One-button device that displays core metrics

Micro USB port

OLED display with automatic 3-second shut-off

Bluetooth 4.0 SMART


3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

Dimensions: 56 x 24 x 13 mm

Weight: 12.8 g

Display: 96X16 OLED






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