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CODE : H-216T
  • H-216T: MVPA G Sensor Pedometer

* Simple -to -use,<br />* easy-to-read 6-digit display,
Model: H-216T
MVPA G Sensor Pedometer
Simple -to -use, this series features a large, easy-to-read 6-digit display, two keys, G-Sensor technology and preset MVPA timer.
Includes number of steps taken, cumulative number of steps, a preset MVPA timer* and total activity time.
MVPA Fitness System: The World Health Organization's Physical Activity Guidelines suggest that adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) weekly in bounts of 10 minutes or more. You can use a pedometer to count your steps and even time your daily activity. But how do you know just how much of that time is spent in that key MVPA aerobic zone
G Sensor technology: with this hi-tech sensing system, you can put the device in your bag, pocket, arm bag and it will accurately record your activity. The device has a “damper” which will filter out inefficient movement.

***Customer colors are available with a minimum order 3000 units. Comes with lanyard.

***H-216T has a preset MVPA threshold of 110 SPM and a preset MVPA timer filter of 0.

(L)59.7*(W)38.4*(T)29.7 cm (including the back clip)

Each in giftbox, 100pcs/Ctn
G.W.:12.0kgs, M.M.:1.75cft.


*. G Sensor Technology With this high sensing system, no any direction and angle limitation and enjoy the high accuracy counting.
*. Device will filter out inefficient movement.
*. Step counter: counts step taken up to 999999
has a preset MVPA threshold of 110 SPM and a preset MVPA timer filter of 0.
*. Daily activity timer
*. LCD auto power off save battery life. LCD auto power off when no input is sensed within one minute to save battery life.
*. Battery low indicator.
*. Power Source - included 1 pc CR-2032 Lithium Battery.
*. Super slim, lightweight, plus an extra slot clip for easily wearing on your belt.
*. Other optional accessories for your choices: Neck strap, Arm bag for wearing the device to your neck or arm.

Safety/Quality Approvals:

CE/ISO 9001/ISO 14001

Origin: TAIWAN


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